White supremacy pride checklist, item one

Thursday, 4 December 2003

I think you’ll admit, readily, yes? that the very worst thing, the really intolerable thing is the race traitor. The race mixer. Yeah?

I know you boys at the Aryan Nations, National Alliance, Christian Identity, Thule and so on would agree. Stop me if I’m wrong! The thought of your sister in a hip-hop video can’t feel good. The unknown pedigree of your step-dad must have itched like chiggers.

For your continued white supremacy pride, I offer this: if you or any member of your entire family has brown eyes, you are not white. There’s just no chance.

You might look white. Probably do. You might even really believe you are. But the simple fact is that if you have a single pair of brown eyes, or hazel, or anything but blue or green in the line then you have one in the wood pile, my friend. One second cousin, one great aunt. Maybe a full on quinteroon—born of Shongo or maybe Eshu—but as Louisiana once taught us, that much isn’t even necessary. 1/64th not-white means ain’t white at all. All it takes is a single 4th-great-grandmother. Say, she probably would’ve been around quite a few years before the Civil War. How about that!

You are descended from race traitors. Hell, even brown hair and freckles don’t look right, do they?

There’s a bright side. You could possibly still be Aryan. You wouldn’t know it b/c it involves learning but Aryan is a Sanskrit word. Sanskrit is a language from over there in one of those places you can’t find on a map.

But if you can’t live with the thought of that either, I think we’d all understand. If you really couldn’t live with it…why that would be great.

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