The Christmas letter, the first page

Tuesday, 9 December 2003

You waving a dismissive hand. He has anger issues. Highly unstable. I mean, what is there to be so angry about? Must be insane, at least disturbed, probably off his meds.

But why aren’t you angry?

The Pentagon cannot account for 2 trillion dollars in their budget. They simply refuse to publicly even try to figure out where it went. If you worked minimum wage to pay that off, you’d have to work for 194 million years. If everyone in America had to pay it off at minimum wage, it would take two years but as the Pentagon loses money annually it would be difficult to ever catch up.

Twelve more children were killed by Americans in Afghanistan for no apparent reason just a few hours ago but if I don’t “support the troops” with a pro-war stance, I’m somehow in the wrong.

Last week, some dead civilian—too stupid to stay out of a civil-war-zone in life—bumped a plane of dead soldiers heading home from Vietnam, to get full on military honors at the taxpayer expense just because the corpse was related to some guy named Dean who is running for President of the US in part on a position of not abusing the system.

This week, a 7-year-old boy in Louisiana was disciplined and assigned ongoing reprogramming in a “behavior clinic” for telling a school-mate that his mom was gay; which she is. School personnel Virginia Bonvillain and Terry Bethea narrowly missed becoming the next chapter in the dumb bitch series for it. Not for lack of qualifications, though. Mostly because I can’t keep using the c-word so much.

The US government is acting like heroes for digging up mass graves and catching Saddam Hussein in the murder of about 300,000 Iraqis during his 24 year run. The US government (George2), perhaps looking to better the figure, has already killed about 150,000 Iraqis in the last 12 years and is putting many of the former homicidal maniacs right back in power; Baathists who were torturing and executing the enemies of Saddam Hussein just a year ago are back in the game as police officers at the behest of the US.

So the question: Why aren’t you angry?

You can use all the canned ham and defensive platitudes in the world to dismiss anger. The reasons for it don’t go away by pretending there are no reasons. Your lack of anger doesn’t make you right, or even happy. It just puts another lien on your soul. Another reason for your children to hate you, because they won’t understand how you couldn’t have been angry. Another link in the ever growing 90-penny bracelet that no combination of ghosts is gonna be able to help you lay down.

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