When the Holocaust will be funny

Friday, 23 January 2004

Especially over time, the horrific becomes a source of amusement. No one believes they can laugh at their own misfortune in the midst of it but for most of us it does become funny after time has worn out the stinger and its venom. It’s healthy. It’s proof of the inefficacy and risibility of misfortune. Arguably proof that happiness has higher gravity.

But the Holocaust isn’t funny yet. Even after 60 years now. In fact, it’s so unfunny that making jokes about it is illegal in several countries. It’s not illegal in the US but unless you’re alone with some of your asshole buddies from the groups we were talking with before, even you aren’t stupid enough to joke about it.

Even so, the Holocaust will be fodder for stand-up comics someday. Just like everything else. Gently at first, focusing on jokes at the expense of the perpetrators. Eventually, no holds barred.

When will the Holocaust be funny? After all the survivors and participants have died of natural causes.

And maybe after all the Holocaust deniers have died too, of whatever causes.

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