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Wednesday, 4 February 2004

[Updated as needed.]

Tanya Treadway, an assistant U.S. attorney in Kansas
Why is Wanita Renea Young a very sad, sad woman who has made the world a sadder place.
Two teen girls left a box of homemade cookies with paper hearts on Ms Young’s doorstep; they did so for several neighbors. She sued the girls for the anxiety attack she claims it brought on and a colossally moronic judge awarded her the “medical” damages incurred when the cookies prompted her to visit the emergency room the next day thinking she’d had a heart attack.
Why is Michelle Malkin a fantastically awful bitch?
About 120,000 American citizens [Ed: this is incorrect, approximately 62% were citizens, making it 74,000 citizens, which adjusted for population growth would be the same as 160,000 today, plus the 100,000 others without citizenship] were put into prison camps by the US government, and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in particular. Not one of these people hurt anyone or tried to. There was not one combatant death during wartime on US soil (though an explosive balloon got an Oregon family as I recall). Michelle Malkin is so completely fucktarded that she thinks putting 100,000 people in prison solely for having epicanthic folds is justifiable and defensible. She wrote a book about it called In Defense of Internment: The Case for Racial Profiling in World War II and the War on Terror. I refer the mentally challenged author to a simple proof and remind her that no one—even a pretty non-Caucasian—should be lowering the bar for freedom pro-rated by skin tone.
Why is Elizabeth Hoffman a conniving bitch? reports: University of Colorado President Elizabeth Hoffman said a four-letter word used toward women can sometimes be used as a “term of endearment.” She did this to offer a defense of university’s football players and recruits who used expletives to address female teammates. By demonstrating this support for her male athletes Miss Hoffman reveals just what a sweet, sweet cunt she is.
Why are Sabrina Harman and Lynndie England ghoulish twats?
I dunno—you tell me.
This is not my America
Why is Terri Carlin a dumb bitch?
Terri Carlin of Knoxville, TN filed suit against Janet Jackson for baring her breast on national TV. The ambulance chaser involved is named Wayne A Ritchie Jr; he is an Evil Bastard. Mizz Carlin alleges damages—which could run into the billions of dollars—from Americans seeing a breast. She’s a woman who thinks she, and half of America, was severely damaged by seeing a breast. Does this woman bathe and dress in the dark?
Why are Terry Bethea and Virginia Bonvillain dumb bitches?
They assigned ongoing behavior reprogramming to a 7-year-old boy in Louisiana for telling a school-mate that his mom is gay. His mom is gay. Gay is not a dirty word. Neither is cracker in this case.
Why is Kathy Cox a dumb bitch?
Kathy Cox, the Georgia Superintendent of Schools, tried to get the word “evolution” removed from all state curricula and tried to add intelligent design along side its neutered remains. Even Jimmy Carter, his Christian faith strong to the point of believing that his mere lust constituted a form of infidelity, said, “Nationwide ridicule of Georgia’s public education system will be inevitable if this proposal is adopted.” Oh, the ridicule might come just of the proposal being made.
Why is Shane Walker dumb?
She might not be a bitch, she could be the nicest person around, but calling the cops to report that her boyfriend had stolen a felony weight of weed from her makes her the dumbest woman alive.
Who else?
Bonnie “Scare Tactics” Hammer and Jeri “Too Smart to Be a Doctor” Ryan.
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