Gay marriage –or– Marriage is so gay

Tuesday, 2 March 2004

gay wedding cake

Many persons are arguing, perhaps rightly, that marriage is a religious issue—not a civil one. Therefore the churches should decide who gets married.

The major churches in the West come down about 99% no weddings for queers. There you go. Case closed. Dilemma resolved. 30.

If you are against gays getting married I want to let you know there is a way that would guarantee that the churches decide and the atheist Liberal rabble wouldn’t get a say. So simple and so absolute. If this is an issue you think is important and take personally, I must recommend this solution to you. It’s foolproof.

If the Christian law makers in the US just kept Church and State separate, marriage would still be the exclusive purview of religion. But you wanted to eat your wedding cake and still have it. So you made marriage legislative which makes it a civil issue now, like it or not. Once a law is on the books, it’s for the Judicial branch to handle. Which ultimately means that you medieval cretins don’t get to have your child-rapist Cardinals, Priests, and Ministers decide who gets married. Thank God.

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