You want to talk to me. You really want to talk to me?

First, maybe you just want the about page or even the older about page.

No? Okay.

You can write me, Ashley, at Using the same email addresses since 2000 I have a heavy-handed set of spam filters. I find that sending Microsoft encoded mail directly to the trash, for example, saves me about 400 pieces of spam a day. If you want to try to make sure I see your message, keep or put the word “Sedition” in the subject line.

I shall post an email or two now and again and might do it with a side of dressing down. Don't write if that's not something you can handle.

Things I would love to hear include–

  • Things that could be done to improve this site.
    • Reports of technical glitches; I don’t use IE but I know most of you do so if something is obviously broken when viewed with it, please do let me know.
    • Feature requests.
    • Suggested topics for new articles.
  • Check-ins from old friends, acquaintances, co-workers. I know I never write or call. That’s just me. I do miss you all.
  • Interesting or insightful websites to check out. Ask yourself first, though, is this something your mom would forward to her entire address book? If the answer is yes, you've entirely misunderstood this place and are cruising for victimhood.
  • News scoops that would make me a star without getting me sued.

Things you’re better off keeping to yourself include–

  • The Good News.
  • Impassioned defense of movie stars or politicians I’ve had for lunch.
  • Manifestos refuting reality.
  • Semi-literate rants about sentence fragments. Seriously.
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