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1. a homosexual man of strongly pronounced feminine and girlish traits; often a transvestite.
2. the monarch of the land of the same.
1. one not content to leave well enough alone.
2. anyone who drinks more than you.
3. one with a drinking problem excoriated by those with a problem not minding their own fucking business.
1. in sexual relationships, one’s place in line.
2. in a woman, the repulsion phase directly following successful attraction; as in one hundred and eighty degrees.
3. in housework, one’s time to shine.
porch nigger
1. an expression used exclusively by a black man to describe another black man with whom he disagrees upon the time of day; part of the beauty and power of the expression lies in the fact that it can be pronounced, “house slave,” but still make the same point—you’re not black enough—without the shit-storm that would accompany public usage of the unadorned term.
2. one who believes the open container law applies neither to one’s front porch, nor to beer sold in forty ounce bottles.
see also, white trash.