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an official entrusted with administration of the interests of the white man.
weather man
1. a congenital liar.
2. a grinning dip-stick in the oil pan of local news.
3. a compulsive gambler whose only hope of ever winning a wager is to visit Las Vegas in mid-August.
see also weather girl.
oh I’m sure your definition of this word will do just fine.
1. the first taste of the first bite, everything that follows is referred to as surfeit.
2. an unpleasant blockage separating Man from paradise.
1. the road to perfection, paved with... something funny.
2. something perfect but not yet…
3. that which has been practiced to within a tolerance…
4. that which is best done, like all filthy and clumsy acts, in private; for a practical demonstration see 1-3 above.
the fruit of an invasive European weed, peniculus herba speciosa, now endemic to the American plains.