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the proudest of possessions.
the dedicated artist’s only lifelong companion, apart from hard work; the pay-off.
1. a department of the World Bureaucracy known primarily for its supreme frugality exhibited in part by the billing of the families of executed for their executions, itemized to the bullet.
2. a nation almost entirely devoid of wildlife, with amazing restaurants.
3. a nation of more than one billion sharing a single clock.
4. Marx’s largest résumé; entry; the best reason for digging him up and hanging him.
5. with the recent cessation of Arkansas’ “Blood-letting for Bad-humors” campaign, the world’s last holdout in medical quackery.
1. a carbon copy; a wormy apple at the base of the tree; a constant reminder of how little one bothered to do and learn up till this point and now has lost any chance at again.
2. a murderer or drug dealer with a sort of diplomatic immunity from prosecution.
3. a pawn; a shield; an outlet.
one who practices Catholicism; an altogether superior form of Christian when compared with the lowly Protestant who has claim to not one legitimate Crusade and but 500 years of drunken lunacy with barely a few thousand witches and Jews converted to carbon in that span.
1. an unappealing situation.
2. a sorority party.