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trophy bride
1. a newly wed woman holding appeal for a wide audience through her remarkable beauty and said audience’s lack of direct acquaintance with her.
2. a type of prize that ages somewhat better than its bowling equivalent, provided proper reconstructive medical ministrations.
3. an award which 90% of American men would be tremendously happy to win and display for a timespan expiring in six months to the day.
more at beauty.
an individual suffering from severe green-green color-blindness.
Robin to the Devil’s Batman; a kind of hitch-hitch-hiker; the vampire’s phlebotomist.
see also revivalist.
1. to utter something untrue; as the Master teaches us, lies come in many levels: fib, white lie, lie, out and out lie, damn lie, goddamn lie, and statistics.
2. to speak about one’s career.
3. to speak to one’s lover.
see also data.
1. any woman who is all business.
2. a former girlfriend who has opted to discuss that unfortunate evening widely.
3. a small, skinny man with close cropped hair and a squeaky nasal voice who plays the submissive in all sexual encounters; e.g., Eminem.