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pot addict
a nefarious individual who uses an instantly addictive mind altering drug known as marijuana; pot addicts will lie, cheat, steal, and even kill to support this addiction.
see also cocaine addict.
a man who has been taught to fish.
compare with john.
Internet shut-in
one who has discovered that the national news media are not only biased but always 2 days behind Yahoo and the Drudge Report, that the local grocer cannot compete with the exotic selections of hundreds of online food sources, that all shopping can be completed without the interference of rude or ignorant clerks, and that a print magazine of pornography has a few dozen images at best while entering the most modest of lewd terms on Google will fetch you 50,000 or so.
Mitnick, Kevin
a lecturer who is paid handsomely by corporate executives to explain to their employees what the management apparently doesn’t understand either, that people are gullible.
see also hacker.
1. a middle-aged housewife who has discovered that writing a novel is more difficult than Harlequin’s back catalog might lead one to conclude; more at mother.
2. an affected and overly sensitive young man who has discovered a field in which he will never face harsh judgement as no one in the world reads poetry and will ever see his work; more at relativity, genius, and suicide.
3. a tone-deaf rapper.
compare with rapper