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a Jew or Arab or any of their ancestral peoples; one term encompasses both as the rest of world can’t tell, nor has any interest in learning to tell, the difference.
a form of government based on the theory that neighbor-interest is a stronger force in nature than self-interest; the only successful implementation of this style of government to date is the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.
1. a legal opportunity.
2. God showing his displeasure with your choice of friends.
3. the only word in the English language which has come to be used exclusively in a facetious or ironic sense; we propose a new grammatical rule for this word—that it exclusively appear in quotes.
a devotee of chaos theory, without the math degrees; a person whose unbroken string of losses at Monopoly has spawned a vendetta against bankers and property holders; a weather man for economies.
see also weather man.