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Greatest Generation, the
the generation which was the greatest at pumping DDT into the environment, looking the other way while the Jewish question was being answered, looting Europe, raising a generation of drug addled sex-addicts entirely unfit to be parents when their turn came, testing radioactive and toxic materials on unwitting human subjects, carving entire industries out of the pointless maiming, torture and forced cannibalism of animals, relegating ethics to historical record, and beating down minority races and women; truly they were great.
free thinker
one whose thoughts are for sale at discount of tuppence.
a political process wherein a candidate and his party realize that they undercheated during the initial vote.
a poorly disguised manipulation of the word slavery.
the antithesis to the almighty God of Abraham and Passover, whose unspeakable evils range from teasing Jesus to giving unsound dietetic advice.