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1. cowardice.
2. an inability to function in the real world; escapism; refusal to believe facts, often prompted by drugs, alcohol, cheap sex or other vices; the lowest form of dishonesty—lying to oneself.
see also lie.
3. a really, really, really nice break.
1. high falutin talk for doctor.
2. a type of doctor who has taken the Hippocratic oath, though a visit or phone call to any North American physician today suggests it has been supplanted by the Hypocritic.
team player
1. a gangster; a gang member.
2. one able to hold another down while the team goes to work.
3. one who has no prospects for becoming a leader.
1. relating to anal sex; sexy; heavily indoctrinated in anal sex.
2. relating to sex with children.
1. a Greek habit from the Latin, frater, for brother; brotherhood.
2. mental collusion and spiritual sodomy.
the hangover of particularly strong satisfaction.