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1. describing that which can be used against a person through threat of public revelation by anyone else, especially an officer of the law.
2. describing that which can be made up about a person by anyone else, especially an officer of the law.
3. condescending parental tips, where refusal is punishable by law; the government’s high-horse; your ass in a napkin.
a Chinese pharmacologist.
an abundant commodity in most larders—the buyer is most strongly advised to check the expiry date prior to consumption.
1. to leave behind, throw away, or evasively shake; to lose intentionally.
2. what one should do at least twice a year with one’s personal telephone book, social email address, and attachments to the contacts therein.
New York
a modern city-state which appears to be the center of world culture, commerce, fashion, design, and art when viewed through the skylight of one’s rectum.