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Force, the
an invisible energy field which surrounds us and binds us to our mothers’ basements and our latex girlfriends.
what Americans generally understood “terrorism” to mean before the autumn of 2001.
defeatism, 2
1. the attitude that defeat is inevitable; realism; rationality.
2. the attitude that defeat is inevitable; pessimism; treason.
white trash
1. an Anglo-Saxon porch nigger.
2. absolutely anyone with a plastic American flag on display.
1. the absence of government and, consequently, corruption.
2. something cute to say while shaking the President’s hand.
3. what became of family life the minute people realized men didn’t need to hunt and women were knitting for fun.
4. chimp-rule; Rule of the Monkey; the pecking order without the filter of the justice system; your little dick in a sling when it turns out monkeys don’t get along well without the rule of law, you unwashed free-market bashing anti-intellectual windbag.
Santa Claus
the champion of secular tyranny; the Agnostic’s answer to church-based behavioral modification techniques for children; training wheels for Jesus.