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1. a severe exclamation of profanity.
2. an interesting thought.
3. a native of Montana.
compare to monkey-fucker.
4. a euphemism of fig plucker.
1. the first step toward understanding your true and lasting place in the world.
2. the act of checking, by eye or subtle pen-mark, the level of one’s household tube of K-Y Jelly.
pop music
a genre of music named for the sound it makes as it disappears.
indifferent; happy.
Earth’s second nearest planetary sibling, fourth planet from the sun; mankind looks toward establishing a presence on Mars because it is theorized to be much more appropriate for human life than the Earth as the trees are already cut down and all species of animals are conveniently extinct.
34th American state, its name taken from the Kiowa word for “flaming sack of buffalo shit which threatens to drag down entire tribe.”