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1. an indigestible dish traditionally served in a bottomless bowl.
2. hat with an e on the end; isn’t that silly? don’t you feel better about it all now?
3. a jewel with a Mohs’ value of 10.
1. a self-involved twerp who considers a fraudulent or manipulative phone call to be computer programming.
2. a similar type of man-monkey that goes through youth smashing, deceiving, invading, violating, defacing, and stealing then cries like an 8-year-old girl once caught and given prison time.
3. one so devoid of creativity and the inspiration requisite for eureka moments, tireless systematic “hacking” of mind numbing digital minutia is the only way to accomplish anything of seeming intelligence.
4. a post graduate D&D freak or Accutane addict who can type “rm -rf /” or URL encode a configuration string.
more at cracker.
5. any retard who can count to 255 and then a few numbers higher.
1. a sweetened chemical solvent for lysergic acid diethylamide.
2. a sweetened chemical solvent for cyanide.
3. the direct object in the title of an impending Kraft Foodservice lawsuit threatening to remove this superb website from active service.
4. oh, yeah!
Coulter, Ann
1. a broad minded journalist, where broad means, approximately, woman and journalist means something along the lines of a self-envenomated dental dam, drooling ink on various publications.
2. the very pretty Whore of Babylon.
crack/chronic/crazy + drunk; origitivity for mortards.