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a medically imperative one week break from sex, booze, and ecstasy.
1. the divine; the creator of all; the all-knowing; He.
2. in the majuscule, a deity of relatively recent historical invention who cannot be bothered to intervene in human affairs unless they involve foreskin, bulimic whales, hookers, bad weather, or the actual end of the world.
3. the subject of an extremely important three-word essay by Nietzsche.
4. a paradox big enough to fit most of the heads in the world into as well as the rectums they come shrink-wrapped in.
1. any woman who is all business.
2. a former girlfriend who has opted to discuss that unfortunate evening widely.
3. a small, skinny man with close cropped hair and a squeaky nasal voice who plays the submissive in all sexual encounters; e.g., Eminem.
déjà vu
you read this already; it was funnier the first time.
1. the position of being elevated, sometimes tremendously, above a sheet of concrete.
2. the state of intoxication which effectively removes one from directly perceiving reality.
3. happy; fulfilled; joyous.
1. in printing, a disingenuous shade of red.
2. descriptive n, meaning misspelling.
3. a gazette founded by the Devil.
4. dirty red.
5. a misconstrued love letter.