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1. having a lack of appreciation for one’s current environment, however shitty.
2. a sure sign of the ability to distinguish colors, especially shades of green.
1. to fall asleep on a bus or train and wake up at one’s dreaded stop-point.
2. what the word commute becomes to those fortunate enough to have reduced their workdays to making a few calls a day from home.
3. to feel as if one has traveled by way of a couple good hours of television or Internet surfing in the early evening; numbness; multi-media paralysis; video assisted assimilation slash brain death in a box.
nuclear bomb
the most destructive force created thus far by mankind, excepting journalism.
Eminent Domain
the come around of Manifest Destiny’s having gone around; a favorite punchline around the water cooler of the Happy Hunting Grounds.
see also Manifest Destiny and private property.
to bolster the resolve of one’s opponent.
Rall, Ted
1. a pen name for Noam Chomsky which is in turn a pen name for Studs Terkel which was the maiden name of Joseph Stalin.
2. a modern American renaissance man whose overwhelming contribution to fine art is equaled only by his monumentally insightful essays.