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quick fix
a solution to a problem lasting from now until the close of the next shareholders’ meeting.
compare to fix.
1. a universal religion with not a single literal adherent.
2. a snowball rolling down the big hill toward the lowest place.
the new entrant in the Domino for the Decade Pageant; past winners include Vietnam and Korea, with honorable mention going to Iran.
sexual intercourse
a term which has the same meaning as the vulgar fuck but none of the impact; e.g., “Why don’t you go have sexual intercourse with yourself in the posterior!?”
1. offensive; describing a horrible person.
2. one who engages in sexual intercourse with one’s own mother.
3. something of serious impact; e.g., “He was chronic like a motherfucker;” dialect, motherfuck.
4. Cain; more at incest.