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that that which is truthful or amusing garners death threats so handily.
Feng Shui
1. expensive Chinese fertilizer.
2. Mandarin for “Sinophilic pansy.”
a country in Africa founded for and by black American expatriates; a chance to demonstrate their innate superiority to the white man by denying the right to vote to their own Negroes for fully 76 years longer.
1. from the middle Latin for Slavic, showing slavery’s rich Western roots are grounded in a lack of regard for skin color or, if anything, a preference for white meat.
2. the charms affixed to the end of a master’s chain.
compare to master.
1. an American Fascist.
2. one who buggers; a buggerer; a cross-dresser; one who owns automatic firearms; alt spelling, Republikaner.
compare with Democrat.