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that which is against America—Canada and Mexico, specifically.
1. the female pudenda, considered obscene.
2. why are you so angry?
more at girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, slut, mother and so on.
3. n, describing a combination female telephonist and motorist.
4. the last remaining word in English that is difficult to say in front of strangers, thus making it an especially potent thing to say to strangers.
an event that is possible but not guaranteed; an event liable to occur as the result of something else not; e.g. [dual usage], if the copyright lawyer cannot work on contingency to sue those rat-bastards into oblivion, our contingency plan is to simply drive over to their homes at 3 a.m. and extract payment directly from their hides.
an extended pre-Christmas holiday for the exploitations of family gift milkers and religious nut jobs.
podophile sex.