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1. a technique in saving money at bars, effective only after getting reasonably tanked at home.
2. the infrequently considered third alternative to spit or swallow.
1. the name at the bottom of an absentee picture postcard in the vote regarding how one should address life’s many staggering tribulations.
2. in one’s late twenties, the source of some really excellent advice for a teenager.
3. a poorly timed kick in the teeth, or ass, usually followed by an embarrassing excuse for an apology.
an expert in filling an Excel sheet with random observations, bullet-pointing common sense recommendations, and putting a stamp on a bill because he’ll be in another time zone when you are ready to try anything he suggested.
1. money, in the hands of one inclined to brag and flaunt.
2. cartoonish enthusiasm presented in front of any crowd familiar with one’s previous infomercials.