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decaffeinated coffee
1. are you kidding?
2. a tiger without stripes, a lark without song, your mom without a “date” on Saturday night.
see also non-alcoholic beer.
3. I mean, you have got to be kidding.
4. a sucker punch that takes an hour to realize and all day to recover from.
1. to utter something untrue; as the Master teaches us, lies come in many levels: fib, white lie, lie, out and out lie, damn lie, goddamn lie, and statistics.
2. to speak about one’s career.
3. to speak to one’s lover.
see also data.
the opposite of entropy; a system that exchanges no energy; death.
a woman who barters sexual favor for material gain, as cash, jewelry, a house, a two car garage, etc; a bride.
compare with slut.
the study of business and economics.