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1. sensual subtleties made obsolete by that killer application known as Viagra.
2. rural usage, the unmistakable scent and back-home comfort of raw wool.
3. the sexual allure of black hair styles of the 1970s.
linguistics term meaning ornamental.
an expression, usually as interjection, indicating a strong desire to stop; e.g., “Whoah, majenta!”
1. to politicize.
2. to actively attempt to fix or improve.
3. to advertise.
see also diversify.
1. to act with the awareness of one’s temporary need for another.
2. a governmental term meaning to frighten into hiding and spending; also, protect and serve, wherein the conclusion to the fright and credit debt is being served with a warrant for one’s arrest.
1. a writer who writes about sensational occurrences long after they happen and even longer after they are interesting.
2. a writer who uses marketing in lieu of judgement, appetite in place of taste, and style as proxy for skill.
3. an anti-romantic; a naturalist with a day job.
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