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1. a writer who writes about sensational occurrences long after they happen and even longer after they are interesting.
2. a writer who uses marketing in lieu of judgement, appetite in place of taste, and style as proxy for skill.
3. an anti-romantic; a naturalist with a day job.
more at news room.
1. an overproduced ghetto poet.
2. a salesman of hypnotic, inane self-absorption and rationalizations of depravity; one who believes strongly in oneself, one’s temporary clique of party-time friends, and, sometimes, God; a glamorized asshole.
n, something written; now that this beast has been slain, a question perhaps best addressed by the Bard remains: the Lawyer question.
literally, one who loves and supports his or her fatherland—hence the sweet and fitting Latin, pro patria mori; a notable rush of patriotism occurred in Europe c 1938 and a renaissance has finally made its way to the American shores.
see also the Patriot Act.
1. adj, humorous; that which causes one to laugh.
2. peculiar; see queer.
3. that which lightens one’s mood.
4. a drunken animal.
5. cruelty.
6. the misfortune of another.
7. the unusual death of a stranger.
8. sexism.
9. racism.
10. people without humor.
11. farting.
12. the economic crisis of a foreign country.
13. archaic, harmless jest.
14. Jews and Canadians.
15. in general, one’s aspirations.
16. ideals.
a touring music show of various alternative artists that went bust for the last time in 2004; the fact that they could not sell tickets with a lineup of cutting edge virtuosi—including Morrissey, the Flaming Lips, the String Cheese Incident, Le Tigre, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and the Pixies—is a sad and damning testimony against how little young people appreciate the rare remaining musical artists who have the ability to remain simultaneously dated, pretentious, and beggarly.
see also punk and alternative.