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blood money
a vulgar slang expression for hematologically induced capital.
1. fast food french fries, unless specially ordered fresh.
2. what becomes of any fast food hamburger in the time it takes to cook up a new batch of fries.
3. what becomes of the mind of any writer who spends four straight years battling his nation’s republic with seethingly poignant literature; thusly, the subject matter to which said writer’s work must sadly turn.
1. an American Communist.
2. one who practices bestiality, witchcraft, and sponsors public pornography; a drug user; alt spelling, Demoncrat.
compare with Republican.
1. a dangerous deficiency of caffeine in one’s bloodstream.
2. radio; television; the Internet; see also email.
3. movies based on previous films, novels based on previous books, and especially works of non-fiction directly taken from the dust bins and WC magazine racks of history.
4. self-referential comedy.
5. self-deprecation.