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bright; e.g., this dismal patch of gray is brilliant in relation to the inky lack bounding it.
1. a middle-aged housewife who has discovered that writing a novel is more difficult than Harlequin’s back catalog might lead one to conclude; more at mother.
2. an affected and overly sensitive young man who has discovered a field in which he will never face harsh judgement as no one in the world reads poetry and will ever see his work; more at relativity, genius, and suicide.
3. a tone-deaf rapper.
compare with rapper
a person not yet wise to the market value of cut street drugs.
suicide note
the chance of a lifetime; the perfect final recourse for those compelled to have the last word.
a vaudevillian revision of the telegram, considered offensive, in which the delivery person wears black face; the last recorded occurrence was a message Ted Danson delivered to Whoopie Goldberg.
1. a well paid torturess.
2. a girlfriend.
3. nothing in between.