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1. one who is people oriented, or social.
2. a customer service employee.
3. a customer.
1. medical usage, skin deep.
2. journalistic usage, somewhat more shallow.
1. lower-middle classed.
2. in America, one with an income of less than $14,000 per year—in Southeast Asia one with an income of less than $14 per year.
3. middle classed.
Moore’s Law
a computer science principle stating that every 18 months your need to purchase a new computer will double.
the only foreign country the US has any real business bombing.
1. acronym, Federal Communications Commission; the agency responsible for setting the price rates for the broadcast of profanity.
2. the agency which decides what is decent for broadcast; among that which has been deemed decent are incest, gunshots to the face, bludgeoned and leaking skulls, hookers, rape, racism, and everything else in the world except these seven words: piss, shit, fuck, cunt, motherfucker, cocksucker, and tits, which are also actually considered decent as long as you pay the per use fee.