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1. no, wait, chickens, something funny about chickens—
2. to make it nearly all the way through a thing, as in the recording of the meaning of a word, only to realize at the last moment failure, as in not having written anything amusing or enlightening.
1. a shell game with underwear where one is never sure what one will find under there.
2. a person whose brain chemistry and genitals did not come in a matched set—putting to rest the notion that there is any such thing as a victimless crime against nature.
1. in sexual relationships, one’s place in line.
2. in a woman, the repulsion phase directly following successful attraction; as in one hundred and eighty degrees.
3. in housework, one’s time to shine.
statutory rape
a legal term defining a criminal sexual act which occurs when an NBA player has sex with a woman less than 5 feet in height.
one who races.
asshole, 2
1. a physical feature of the hindquarters.
2. a physical feature of the corner office.