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one who ceremonially ingests the flesh and blood of another human being; a Catholic.
unemployment benefits
1. whereby job hunting is replaced with a couple of hours on hold to report a couple of ghost applications, per week, turned in to places one knows for a fact are not hiring.
2. monies which have been set aside from years of hardship in unsatisfactory conditions, in order to one day experience being turned down at retrieving those monies during hardship in unsatisfactory conditions.
3. a small percentage of the blood which has been taken out of one’s body over time, to be replaced upon approval minus another ten percent; this second round of blood letting is good-humoredly referred to as “income tax.”
Greatest Generation, the
the generation which was the greatest at pumping DDT into the environment, looking the other way while the Jewish question was being answered, looting Europe, raising a generation of drug addled sex-addicts entirely unfit to be parents when their turn came, testing radioactive and toxic materials on unwitting human subjects, carving entire industries out of the pointless maiming, torture and forced cannibalism of animals, relegating ethics to historical record, and beating down minority races and women; truly they were great.