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one who worships humans as divine creators and givers of life; a loving son or daughter.
Brady Law
originally Brady Bill, legislation that provides for a 3-5 day waiting period before a gun may be purchased; coincidentally this is the life-span of a Senator who trespasses one’s private property, specifically the bedroom.
1. describing the behavior of one in the presence of his or her manager.
2. responding to any question regarding the whereabouts of an object by stating that if it were up the enquirer’s ass, he’d know.
the state of mind beginning when one realizes that one’s futon mattress is in desperate need of steam cleaning.
adj, in a cocktail, very strong; e.g., “This is for the next couple drinks for that blond woman in the corner. No, keep the change, that’s for you. Put this tablet in the second one and make them both reeaaal stiff.”