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1. wait a second, we’re working up the courage.
2. the “n-word”; with n being an unknown quantity in all equations.
3. a word which, when used by a black person, denotes camaraderie and deep social bonds and which, when used by a white person, has come somehow to denote the end of the world.
4. an English word among several hundred thousand others—perhaps if you took the time to learn a few more of the others, this one in particular would cease to be so fascinating.
5. oh, no.
6. one who takes things back; short for “renigger.”
7. a word among many others, such as spic, wop, kraut, fag, dike, whitey, chink, kike, etc, which ought to have lost its sting by the time of the death of one Jewish comedian called Lenny Bruce.
8. anything but Victor.
college try
1. a halfhearted attempt.
2. an effort of shifting emphasis.
3. a scholastic push based more heavily on the chance of getting laid than on loyalty to one’s alma mater.
4. to cheat.
5. to ignore one’s declared field until the last possible moment.
1. a sweetened chemical solvent for lysergic acid diethylamide.
2. a sweetened chemical solvent for cyanide.
3. the direct object in the title of an impending Kraft Foodservice lawsuit threatening to remove this superb website from active service.
4. oh, yeah!
someone initially arriving in the United States with hopes of obtaining some pretty exceptional carrots.
the act of describing one’s motives after viewing potential consequences of one’s actions.
1. a cute nickname for the Chinese province of Xizang.
2. a place of scenic beauty, said to be conducive to spiritual purification and enlightenment.
3. assuming you can find yourself a space at the bottom of a cargo ship and are currently teetering on the edge of getting back together with an intolerable ex- and suicide, worth a try.