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1. popular word amongst jazz musicians to describe a smooth sound, or musical moment in a song.
2. in reference to these or other wads of snot, waiting to be cleared from one’s breathing passage and flushed down the toilet; e.g., “Boy that Billy Bob Thornton sure is slicker than snot.”
3. adjective commonly used to describe men who will use shameless tactics in winning the attention of females.
1. high falutin talk for doctor.
2. a type of doctor who has taken the Hippocratic oath, though a visit or phone call to any North American physician today suggests it has been supplanted by the Hypocritic.
1. happy; joyful; more at queer.
2. Hindu cinema; see also Bollywood.
1. as one can, a travesty.
2. as one glass, a substitute for a good pilsner.
3. as a pint, a happy hour Hobson’s choice.
4. as a six pack, a late visit to the market on Super Bowl Sunday.
5. as a case on sale, a great American tradition.
Axis of Evil
a term coined by a certain Western leader; its use was dropped as soon as the public noted that the “axis” was following him around wherever he went.