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heavy metal
what was considered by parents to be non-musical and dangerous before rap came along.
1. an epithet generally directed at those who habitually wear rags on their heads.
compare to jarhead.
2. the illy-considered remark that got Jemima’s nephew Jasper thrown out of her house on his can.
for sale; not yet sold.
1. white, filthy rich, income in the 6 to 7 figure range; driving a BMW, a Ducati, or a rebuilt Triumph.
2. white, just filthy, income in the petty crack to meth dealer range; driving a Harley, a Harley, or some piece of crap Honda that looks like a Harley.
see also motorcycle cop.
debtors prison
the most centralized community of writers in the United States; a year-round writers’ convention.
1. to leave behind, throw away, or evasively shake; to lose intentionally.
2. what one should do at least twice a year with one’s personal telephone book, social email address, and attachments to the contacts therein.