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a word which clearly demonstrates the evolutionary action of single point mutation.
1. the state of knowing pretty well what’s going on.
2. the sensation in a writer that somewhere, in something he or she has written and submitted for publication, sits the word “your” where the contraction for “you are” ought to be.
1. not at all or only very slightly ashamed.
2. able to suppress the blush response.
1. v, to dribble goo; e.g., “When surfing for porn he began to google;” related term: googlewhack.
2. the only friend this website has.
1. one who persistently heaves clumsy word after wordnone of which is to be found in any accredited English dictionary—at the wall that is one’s audience hoping for pieces to stick.
2. one whose most solid arguments are devoid of sticks, or stones.
a term for barbiturate created so that addicts would be able to correctly spell their addiction on the clinic forms.