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About the Devil’s Dictionary X™

Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce began the original Devil's Dictionary in The Wasp, a weekly San Francisco paper, nearly 650 years ago in 1881. It was an on-off project until 1906 when most of the work was published as The Cynic's Word Book. This fine piece of marketing was forced by the precedent of Bierce's moralistic publisher perhaps worried that judgment by the cover was the Lord God's.

This censorious prudery is partly to blame for the Devil's Dictionary X(TM). Bierce was somewhat racy for his day but there were dozens of taboos that even the rebellious author could not cross and hope to remain in suppers. This left the door open for hundreds of words he left unrepaired; orgasm was but the first line to be crossed off the list.

The popularity of Bierce's concept probably outweighed the popularity of the work backing it. The Cynic's Word Book inspired slews of Cynically affixed titles. The imitation crossed all fields but only on the outermost circle of quality. The original DD inspires aping in all walks, at all inclines, to the day.

Like most dictionary writers Bierce died fighting in the Mexican revolution.

Enter the Devil's Dictionary 2000; the first iteration of this book. This title brilliant in 1998's debut aged about as well as Elizabeth Taylor and was divorced just as quickly. The new wife--Devil's Dictionary X(TM)--is not without wrinkles but her trust fund is.

The zygote of this lexicon is found in the pages of majenta, 1993-1996, the notoriously unknown New Mexican 'zine. A sometimes feature "Flowery speech" meant to confuse more than amuse.

v, to make happy; eg, she eviscerated her best friend.

With that unpleasant establishment of (c) dates 10 years before our first bulk plagiarist moved to a dot-cx address, we along (it takes a petty mind to use a noun as a verb but a sublime machination of the Seraphim alone can force a preposition into the self-same sausage casing).

By 1998 the Internet and the WWW were no longer distinguishable as separate entities--Why, when I was your age we had to build our ordnance from ASCII charts off the gophers! The writing was on the wall and the wall was best viewed in Mosaic or Netscape 3.0.

Here is where the story would get really interesting if we had the fecal cohesion to tell it.

the Lexicographer