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1. one who oversees or administers the order of socks.
2. a loop of red thread on the American flag which is always waiting to get caught on that which will unravel it.
a glib or self-aggrandizing cynic who resorts to rewriting especially his own unknown work or grave-robbing the public domain for formulaic soporifics so easily duplicated as to completely escape critical notice excepting the entries wherein filth is liberally applied to the body celebrité.
1. a new word for “shaggy dog story;” a long, humorless joke.
2. an easily accessed, fast-working, exaggerated dose of depression; informational packets are often available at the Post Office.
a street corner designed for the lower-class to absorb mockery and contempt from the upper-class; a spiritual whipping post.
Bush, George W
1. a man who, given another million years or so, shall be somewhat less famous than any random arthropod which currently skitters about on the ocean floor.
2. The 43rd President of the United States of America.
an appropriate place to relieve oneself.
a hero-to-be.
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