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colored person
a dramatically offensive term used by hateful racists to describe a person of color.
intoxicant; to intoxicate.
equal in measure or extent of hormonal misery.
a form of government based on the theory that neighbor-interest is a stronger force in nature than self-interest; the only successful implementation of this style of government to date is the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.
a close, but unloved, cousin to the Fascist; the Communist bears all outward similarities—scythe replaces ax—but has an innate love for sharing: sharing blame, sharing personal bills, sharing prison camps, sharing intolerance, sharing bread lines, sharing the love of slaughtering dissidents and billing the families for the executions, etc.
more at Communism.
describing a couple in which the upper spectrum of the man’s bi-polar disability corresponds reasonably near to the woman’s rag-cycle.
1. an abortion of ideas; the act of stamping out any possibility of progress.
2. human nature; inevitability.
3. sad acceptance in humiliation or solitude.
4. what lyric, poetry, music, art, travel, schooling, philosophy, science, thought, service, business, sexuality, sensuality, and romance have been exchanged for over time.
5. unsportsmanly conduct for social gain, especially in the presence of another’s mate.
6. shameless dick-waving.
7. fill in your own punchline here—make it funny.
8. desperation; futile and petty struggles in place of fun, communication, and a decent boxing match now and then for christsakes.
9. apocalypse; detriment; retirement of humanity.
harassment; to harass.
concentration camp
where kids with ADD might well be sent if we see a persistent Republican majority in the Congress.
1. a type of cannon fodder known for its beautiful gray cloth, hence the term Confeddi.
2. one inured of free labor.
1. terrified to back down and expose one’s backside.
2. tired of leaving points unmade.
1. what should be said to any man in his late eighties for performing intercourse.
2. a dry dose of patronizing sarcasm from an asshole.
in the lowercase: physical joining of the male and female genitals usually leading to the ejaculation of semen from the penis into the female reproductive tract; the only difference in the uppercase version of the word is that the female sex organs are dispensed with and any American citizen’s rectum proxies.
one who congresses.
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