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copy machine
1. a device which capitalizes on unoriginality.
2. the exact opposite of a printing press, molded of plastic and reeking of toxins.
3. a dispenser of wasted paper smeared with legal jargon, advertisements and lost love sentiments.
4. a tool of sophisticated inconvenience, made to sustain recycling business of its place in society.
©, the piss on a particular phrase, piece of prose, or novel.
Coulter, Ann
1. a broad minded journalist, where broad means, approximately, woman and journalist means something along the lines of a self-envenomated dental dam, drooling ink on various publications.
2. the very pretty Whore of Babylon.
1. nation.
2. often misattributed as a prefix for a type of music endemic to culturally impoverished areas of the Southern US; properly the prefix for this type of music is “shitty-.”
1. traditional usage: to seek the marriage of a woman with the intent to provide house and board in exchange for sexual partnership and light housework.
2. modern usage: an establishment seeking the marriage of a minority man with the intent to provide house and board in exchange for sexual partnership and light roadwork.
1. describing one unable to form proper responses until well after a conversation has ended.
2. describing one too near-sighted to observe obesity, too hard-of-hearing to intercept moronic banter, or too dim to remark ably upon either; see also nice.
3. severely lacking or retarded in passion; obsequious.
4. unconscious; compare with sober.
5. passive-aggressive.
courtesy flush
a round of lay-offs which calms the shareholders long enough to slip them the old Chapter 11 a few months down the road.
courtroom justice
1. a longish step which has been added to the process of scooping slaves from out of their low income habitats.
2. publicity for naughty celebrities.
3. publicity for murderous celebrities.
4. a buttfucker’s version of the gameshow, “The Price Is Right,” where the phrase “Come on down,” is replaced by an oath of some sort.
a journalistic term, meaning propaganda.
one who is half Anglo and half Mestizo which is in turn half American Indian and half Spanish which is itself a salad of Caucasian, Moorish, and Gypsy which is really just the briefest possible survey of a fascinating journey back in time to see who raped whom.
crack addict
a Negro user of cocaine.
crack whore
an expert whore; a whore without parallel; the whore you send in when no other whore can get the job done; also cracker-jack whore.
more at whore.
1. a computer term created by hackers to describe a subset of themselves best explained with this analogy: cracker is to hacker as kike is to Jew.
compare with hacker.
2. a kind of food which is usually square, thin, brittle, crumbly, under-salted, flavorless and white; a similar kind of person.
one who prefers mud to monkey for ancestor; also cretinist.
credit card
1. a touching gesture of financial trust, extended from banks to their indentured servants.
2. a foolish assumption made by various companies, about one belligerent lexicographer in particular: that his reputation with them means more to him than his reputation with anyone else.
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