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1. to treat as royalty.
2. an evil word used only by sinners bound for Hell.
3. the initial step in motherhood; as in “I fucked your mother.”
1. epithet describing an individual whose friends all have the same haircut and skin tone.
2. the confluence of fluids resulting from sexual intercourse.
1. adj, humorous; that which causes one to laugh.
2. peculiar; see queer.
3. that which lightens one’s mood.
4. a drunken animal.
5. cruelty.
6. the misfortune of another.
7. the unusual death of a stranger.
8. sexism.
9. racism.
10. people without humor.
11. farting.
12. the economic crisis of a foreign country.
13. archaic, harmless jest.
14. Jews and Canadians.
15. in general, one’s aspirations.
16. ideals.
your mother’s cat.
1. the by-product of an unstable lie mixed with a copious measure of trust.
2. the emotion inspired by insult to one’s mother.
any one of the 16 readers of Bruce Sterling.
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