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1. the first and only words out of an infantile cartoon character.
2. how too many women feel about Mickey Rourke.
1. to bind the mouth of another, usually with the intention of silencing him or her.
2. an action or expression meant to be amusing.
3. all of the above.
1. an activity or competition, mental or physical, engaged in for amusement; popular American games include Chicken, Dr. Closet, Bury the Evidence, Pacify the Spouse, Espionage!®, Bling-Bling Booya-Boo, Off-Shore, Touch the Babysitter, Texas Divorce, and Soul Auctioneers.
2. describing the state of mind of one willing to enter into criminal acts, e.g., “I’m game.”
1. a small to large sized government body whose jurisdiction covers a couple of street corners and lasts until the police come and lay everybody down or send them scattering in every direction.
2. one of several to hundreds of uncooperative cliques per stagnant city; the cooperation of which any changes in such a city would decidedly depend upon.
descriptive noun referring to any blond on the stage or screen.
Gates, Bill
1. an ambitious man whose lack of personality at all times counterbalances his net worth.
2. a successful businessman whose creative achievements carry a lot more zeros than ones.
3. a cheap pair of glasses in front of a masterful criminal mind; a hundred-fifteen pound twit smiling while he shafts you or drives drunk; a poorly endowed buggering geek or jerk-off; every computer programmer’s Daddy.
1. happy; joyful; more at queer.
2. Hindu cinema; see also Bollywood.
a crucial step in domestication as well as gentrification; also, to fix.
the ultimate act of promotion; either for a military officer or an idea.
the state of constantly whining about oneself and one’s needs.
see also timeless.
a cheese sandwich.
1. a breed of European famous for its love of beer.
2. a breed of European famous for its patronage of soccer.
3. the very romantic breed of European famous for its love of cleanliness, efficiency, Crystal Evenings, Lightning Engagements, and, of course, killing Jews.
the power which has twice plunged the world into war in the last 100 years—ironically now a source of endless advice for how to prevent war; give them time, the century is yet young.
Gibson, Mel
a deeply religious actor and film maker with a pronounced reading disability regarding the 2nd Commandment.
archaic, a brutal epithet for “woman” used to rob respect; considered offensive.
compare with boy.
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