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1. a poorly told joke.
2. an award given on the basis of a musician’s capacity to swallow.
3. pet name for one’s Grandmother; as in “I got your Grammy too.”
compare with Oscar.
Grand Canyon
a geographical feature of the Southwestern region of your mother’s bedroom.
Greatest Generation, the
the generation which was the greatest at pumping DDT into the environment, looking the other way while the Jewish question was being answered, looting Europe, raising a generation of drug addled sex-addicts entirely unfit to be parents when their turn came, testing radioactive and toxic materials on unwitting human subjects, carving entire industries out of the pointless maiming, torture and forced cannibalism of animals, relegating ethics to historical record, and beating down minority races and women; truly they were great.
Groening, Matt
1. the single most brilliant, encompassing, and cut-throat satirist to achieve mainstream popularity since Ambrose Bierce.
2. a man who would be a prime assassination target if there were a chance someone in office might understand his humor.
3. way over your head; beyond you.
group home
1. a residential establishment which looks after kids in troubled or neglected situations, and addresses any behavioral problems with therapy programs and by batting them around.
2. a similar establishment so obsessed with following State law they never actually make contact with the children, apart from when they’re fed.
French egalitarianism: a mass production technique for evening out the stature of one’s betters.
in the year 2023, by UN vote with US support, gullible will be the first word to be removed from all English dictionaries while still in active use.
a veterinarian.
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