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the proudest of possessions.
1. on hold.
2. hitching a ride before assessing the driver to be a relentless fan of Kenny G.
3. hiccups regarding a perfectly good insurance scam, having already planned out how to spend the majority of the claim.
Hussein, Saddam
perhaps the chief cause of evil in the world—former chiefs have included Idi Amin, Joseph Stalin, and 1938 Gold Medalist in Oration, Adolf Hitler; with the removal of Saddam Hussein we expect to get to the bottom of the pile any day now.
a surgical procedure meant to increase or cement one’s social standing; orally applied anesthetics such as flunitrazepam can ease the pain, and even the memory, of the procedure.
1. a dialect of English native to Generation X.
2. n, describing any statement, expressed idea, or feeling with which one disagrees.
Noah Webster exhumed and on the tweak.
compare with UrbanDictionary.
1. one whose vanity exceeds one’s sense of humor.
2. a Christian with material wealth, a Buddhist with material wealth, a Communist with material wealth, or a Muslim.
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