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misanthropy in a suit jacket.
induced labor
the process of medicinally speeding the delivery of a child, typically via the administration of highly concentrated synthetic oxytocin which artificially, and with tremendously increased pain for the mother, brings rapid onset of labor; recent studies indicate a nearly 1:1 correlation between the frequency of induced labor and Obstetrics department scheduling conflicts with reservations at the Links.
also the flu; a disease which once wiped out 75,000,000 lives in the space of a year now sends the sky crashing down when the winter funeral count exceeds the price of gasoline.
polite language for ghetto; where whites or landed Asians live in a city, it’s called Uptown or Downtown, whichever is furthest from the inner-city.
the state of switching the radio to a classic rock station with perked up ears.
1. rich; literally, born rich.
2. one whose televised conviction may cause riots.
3. one who can count the number of people one slept with without dialing around the country for help.
Inquisition, the
1. an historical example of reality entertainment.
2. a plot by Jewish ringleaders to gain sympathy for their evil Zionist plans.
a mild but common mental disease occurring in towns lacking all night druggists and liquorterias.
the cherry on top of the injury—save it for last.
1. the vigorous mixing of oil and water.
2. bussing children six to twenty miles from home in the name of social reform and trying to forget about them for eight hours at a time; abandonment.
3. a clever recipe for cultural enhancement which has been swishing around in the mouths of the board of education every so often since the nineteen seventies; to be spat out upon detection of one flavor in particular: the increased need for a competent staff.
Found no words searching on: integrity.
1. silly; pointless.
2. without an audience.
intelligent design
a theory of life and existence based on the idea that only a super intelligence could have conceived of anything as complex and beautiful as diarrhea or herpes.
compare with evolution.
the most harsh word of art criticism so far found.
compare with clever.
an international pornography distribution network built by the US government for use in the event nuclear war might make it too dangerous to get to the smut stand.
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