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Internet shut-in
one who has discovered that the national news media are not only biased but always 2 days behind Yahoo and the Drudge Report, that the local grocer cannot compete with the exotic selections of hundreds of online food sources, that all shopping can be completed without the interference of rude or ignorant clerks, and that a print magazine of pornography has a few dozen images at best while entering the most modest of lewd terms on Google will fetch you 50,000 or so.
Internet widow
a wife whose husband spends so much time viewing Internet porn that he may as well be dead.
compound term, Internet + eternity; describing the quality of longevity inherent in one’s online faux pas and misadventures into bashing employers, potential or current.
to emphatically inquire of a typesetter whether he or she wishes to engage in sexual intercourse.
a problem which has no possible solution.
1. that which is assumed by men and expected by women.
2. a vampire’s—or Senator’s—means of entry.
the new entrant in the Domino for the Decade Pageant; past winners include Vietnam and Korea, with honorable mention going to Iran.
A Scotsman from the isle of Eire.
a quality which is feared in love, abhorred in politics, tolerated in the workplace, and revered upon the Sabbath.
Islamic militant
a type of violent fanatic who will use any means at his or her disposal toward his or her ends, including terrorism, rape, arson, the murder of children, the training of children to murder, the sacrifice of children, ad nauseam; the Islamic militant differs primarily from other flavors of militant fanatics in that it is Islamic.
Inevitable Sucker Punch; Insane Service Premium; Instant Sales Plan; IT Sucks Peckers; Initially Sort-of Performed; It Spams Perpetually; and so on.
West Palestine.
1. not just it, nor It, but IT; the thing that must not be named.
2. Cthulhu.
1. a torture device invented to counter the liberation of women from bras.
2. any male sex organ in excess of 11 inches.
3. car keys.
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