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1. an action, especially verbal, which is intended to be funny or to hurt someone.
2. a gift which, if not well taken, is a sign of dullness in the recipient; as in “Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke,” and “He who laughs last, thinks slowest.”
3. a gift which, if requiring explanation, is a sign of dullness in the giver; not funny to begin with; a social retard’s best jest.
4. that which is intended to raise someone’s expectations to the minimum height, usually above a sheet of concrete, necessary to achieve terminal velocity when they are let down; this is where the expression, “Life is funny,” refers.
1. a writer who writes about sensational occurrences long after they happen and even longer after they are interesting.
2. a writer who uses marketing in lieu of judgement, appetite in place of taste, and style as proxy for skill.
3. an anti-romantic; a naturalist with a day job.
more at news room.
an official entrusted with administration of the interests of the white man.
1. one with the marked ability of quick decision making.
2. one in which self-confidence and wisdom are neatly wed.
3. a committed judge, a judge who has been committed.
1. careless; shortsighted; unwise.
2. incapable of making a definite choice.
compare to judgemental.
a blind woman of considerable strength wielding a sword at any unfamiliar voice.
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