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1. a sweetened chemical solvent for lysergic acid diethylamide.
2. a sweetened chemical solvent for cyanide.
3. the direct object in the title of an impending Kraft Foodservice lawsuit threatening to remove this superb website from active service.
4. oh, yeah!
see Quran.
Korea, North
common name for the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (KPRD, sometimes PDRK); a nation which has deftly addressed the aviary of persistent food shortages and population problems with a single stone.
see also South Korea.
Korea, South
common name for the Republic of Korea (ROK); stepping stone and refueling stop for China’s attacks on Japan and Japan’s invasions of China.
see also North Korea.
the Asian race in whose language “me gook” translates to “America,” literally beautiful land; this unfortunate piece of etymology brought to you by American English speakers who couldn’t be troubled to learn 10 words of the Korean language.
Ku Klux Klan
1. KKK; Congress’s chief consultants for all Constitutional questions.
2. a harmless group of freaks disbanded in the 1960s which wore hoods and sheets and burned crosses on random lawns.
3. revivalists, as harmless as their predecessors.
1. the only conspiracy theory to come out of the late 20th century which has basis in fact.
2. a holiday created in part by the FBI to undermine the credibility of black America and its supporters.
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