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1. a “W” very madly in love; a dizzy “W.”
2. a deadW;” e.g., “President M.”
Mad Cow Disease
1. evidence toward a shocking revelation that it might not be the best idea to feed an animal its own parents before consuming it.
2. no reason for concern if your country is mystically protected by the Magic Meat Faeries of America; acronym, USDA.
1. a periodical publication; all real magazines are published in New York City.
2. the ammunition packet of a firearm.
in printing, one of the three primary colors.
1. a black and white bird.
2. a mulatto with better than average color fastness.
mail order bride
the new indentured servitude—3 years of blowjobs, backrides, and semi-courteous treatment of the groom’s friends buys any pretty Ukrainian or Southeast Asian girl American citizenship with a side of American divorce.
1. in printing, a disingenuous shade of red.
2. descriptive n, meaning misspelling.
3. a gazette founded by the Devil.
4. dirty red.
5. a misconstrued love letter.
a man with no scruples; a lucky son of a bitch.
aggressiveness in publicizing facts.
a vaudevillian revision of the telegram, considered offensive, in which the delivery person wears black face; the last recorded occurrence was a message Ted Danson delivered to Whoopie Goldberg.
a balding monkey.
1. self-absorbed pish-posh of a man or woman reeking of alcoholic pride and company thievery.
2. a slick back-talker; one paid to turn people against each other.
3. a cheerful and spry seminar hopping advisor constantly chanting something about there being no such thing as a stupid question.
4. one who, lacking all rudimentary skills for completing any type of work, is called upon to direct all types of work for others.
compare with micro manager.
managing editor
one in which we observe the sublime nexus of manager and editor; see manager and editor.
Manifest Destiny
a theory that the property rights resulting of a long term free market struggle can be logically inferred in advance based on the variables x and y where x is how red one is and y is how many Winchesters to which one has access.
see also Eminent Domain.
marrying man
one with the ability to compromise and apologize for compromising in the same instance.
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