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1. a game show network.
2. a network where Diana Ross bouncing Lil’ Kim’s bare titty is great entertainment but a flash of Janet Jackson’s nipple ring is a horrifying “accident.”
1. the purposeful termination of a life.
2. the logical consequence of copyright violation.
3. a heinous crime in 48 states.
more at torture.
1. the last possessive in the American English Dictionary.
2. a word of exclamation, which when repeated may emphasize one’s impression of a female body during the process of undressing it; e.g., “My, my, my, my, my.”
My Lai
a US Army sponsored 4-hour remake of the Japanese dramatic opera entitled The Rape of Nanking.
1. defined in the literary world as the dreams of a culture.
2. a TV commercial, or any other visual ad—the specific dreams of our culture.
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