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nose job
the act of sucking another’s nose until the stimulation causes a sneeze.
1. that which is of great importance; the heart of existence.
2. what there is to do in Taos, Benicia, and other small towns, any night of any week.
3. what there is to do anywhere in the United States but NYC after 2:30 am.
4. upon death, the punchline.
a think tank which is employed for constitutional opinion by the Supreme Court.
nuclear bomb
the most destructive force created thus far by mankind, excepting journalism.
nuclear explosion
1. a speedy and fiery dissipation of atomic structure within an unpredictable boundary, initiated often by someone of a relatively nutty disposition.
2. what’s going to happen somewhere near me if one more coffee house guitar chick covers, “And the Wind Cries Mary.”
also nympho; a list of women which likely comprises none of the women you would like—from Anna Kournikova to Salma Hayek—and most of the women you wouldn’t—from your mother to your wife.
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