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free Australian wine and crackers made of European chalk at the center of some sort of poorly decorated living room or another.
oral sex
1. a friendly gesture.
2. an executive privilege.
derogatory term describing one who is black on the outside and fluffy and creamy on the inside.
in men, a brief affectation of love; in women, an infrequent but somewhat more durable facsimile.
unwanted; unnecessary; extraneous.
original sin
the bitter and persistent aftertaste of knowledge.
well disguised plagiarism.
a golden bon mot that requires a production company to manufacture, an academy to deliver, a press to laud, a public to validate, and a lifetime to earn.
a martial art form from the Chinese animal set, practiced frequently by politicians, businessmen and entertainers; the “Hide Head In Sand” technique must be mastered to the point of instinct.
1. any public bus, in any major city, the second it hits Chinatown.
2. the New Definitions page of this website.
an abandoned ship.
compare to friendship.
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