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the implied numerator in all mathematical expressions involving quality.
Quantum Physics
1. the theory that reality is actually the result of an aggregation of observations, or what people as a whole would truly like to be the case; soon after this theory was made public, it was theorized that a large quantity of people actually wanted traditional physicists to quit their jobs, or jump off of very tall buildings in protest.
2. a lot of mumbo-jumbo about how looking at something changes what happens, backed up by oodles of math with one or two strategically placed smudges.
1. a homosexual man of strongly pronounced feminine and girlish traits; often a transvestite.
2. the monarch of the land of the same.
1. unusual, out of the ordinary.
2. straying from the norm, not quite right.
3. peculiar; exotic, not of the same cloth.
4. interesting, perplexing.
5. different but agreeable.
6. wonderful, exquisite.
7. the best decision a lexicographer ever made.
to question one’s sexual orientation.
the brief state between grace and damnation.
quick fix
a solution to a problem lasting from now until the close of the next shareholders’ meeting.
compare to fix.
Scientific term used by Quantum physicists, Latin for cherry.
useful to advertisers; capable of being exploited; catchy; ant, majenta.
a religious text which teaches us many things including that God’s native tongue is Arabic and not Hebrew like those dirty Jews pretend.
alt spellings, Qur’an, Koran, Bible.