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1. idiot friendly; moron accessible; stupid literate; e.g., “We hope you enjoy our new simplified site navigation.”
2. what remains of an animal after it has been skinned, gutted of nutritious organs, deboned, boiled, pulped, mixed with similarly prepared animals, and canned.
3. pabulumized.
describing how a thing is done when holding a magazine or a mouse in the other hand.
1. a technique in saving money at bars, effective only after getting reasonably tanked at home.
2. the infrequently considered third alternative to spit or swallow.
1. a black woman.
2. a prisongirlfriend.
1. coked-up set-ups and wise cracks injected with doped-up canned laughter and applause.
2. entertainment targeted at hospitals—specifically bed-ridden or paralyzed patients with no-one around to turn channels for them.
3. a huge network bet regarding who will be the first to outdo “Three’s Company” for airtime mileage while running on empty.
six pack
1. common term for six cans of beer sold as a unit or a “pack.”
2. the only difference between a super-model and your mother; more at beer goggles.
a white Black Panther with a retarded fashion sense.
v, to orally interpret the meaning of statistics.
1. the Mile 1 marker on the road out of Opiniontown, Assville, Hackston, Freaktropolis, and all points east of Lonely Friday Night City proper.
2. a land populated with soft-scientists and unemployable engineers who spend day and night comparing opinions on how they could possibly be out of work when they are so goddamn smart about everything while vying for top spot in the never-ending battle between esoteric fanaticism and torpid reliance on The Simpsons for signature block of the week.
1. from the middle Latin for Slavic, showing slavery’s rich Western roots are grounded in a lack of regard for skin color or, if anything, a preference for white meat.
2. the charms affixed to the end of a master’s chain.
compare to master.
the relative or temporary absence of insomnia.
the state of mind beginning when one realizes that one’s futon mattress is in desperate need of steam cleaning.
1. popular word amongst jazz musicians to describe a smooth sound, or musical moment in a song.
2. in reference to these or other wads of snot, waiting to be cleared from one’s breathing passage and flushed down the toilet; e.g., “Boy that Billy Bob Thornton sure is slicker than snot.”
3. adjective commonly used to describe men who will use shameless tactics in winning the attention of females.
a woman with an under-developed business sense.
compare to whore.
n, harassment.
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