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an aromatic European cheese, most commonly produced in Catholic nations.
1. v, to grab or steal something suddenly.
2. n, the act of snatching; e.g., “Winona Ryder’s snatch was caught on video and shown in court.”
oh I’m sure your definition of this word will do just fine.
to kiss—another attempt by the English to eradicate sex through the use of terminology which makes it sound too disgusting to contemplate; other noteworthy entries in their bid to end sexual desire include shag, bugger, and Geri Halliwell.
snow peso
the basic unit of Canadian currency; also, Looney; a US 50¢ piece.
1. sincerely broke.
2. dead.
Social Darwinism
a theory purporting natural selection is the prime factor in the buoyancy of human cream—what common understanding of the theory fails to appreciate are the survival qualities of deceit, mimicry, toxicity, and violence, so obvious and manifold in nature herself and so sadly unappreciated in her highest mammals.
Social Security
a good one.
see joke.
1. emotional vampirism elevated to the level of state doctrine.
2. a form of government based on the collective ownership of goods; e.g., the student council when your mother was “treasurer.”
1. any sex not engaged in for reproduction; especially anal sex.
2. politics.
a fish-fucker’s significant other.
the state of being in love.
1. a futures commodity of ever diminishing value.
2. the unseen motivating essence of a person; the spirit; once of considerable value, an extended buyer’s market has driven the price of this product into the sub-basement, near the furnace, where it’s very hot, you know, very hot, get it?
3. the only form of currency in use by artists; the exchange rate to US dollars has been in steady decline for approximately 100 years.
4. an organ similar to the appendix which medical science can find no apparent biological purpose for; some physicians recommend having it removed to prevent possible trouble in later years.
Space Shuttle
at $4 billion a unit and $500 million a use, the most expensive Roman Candle the world will ever know.
a utensil to facilitate the tossing of salad.
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