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1. a roomful of clowns answering a gag 1-800 line used to see how many times they can pass the same phone around in a circle before the caller becomes noticeably enraged.
2. a recorded voice, reciting numbers which a caller is to punch in aimlessly before becoming enraged at these same clowns.
3. any merry-go-round of empty reassurances and company jargon which will also ask that you please have your account number handy in order to more efficiently waste everyone’s fucking time.
the repository of all supposition.
Supreme Court
1. the body of government entrusted with the most crucial and sacred job extant, defining the Constitution of the United States of America.
2. nine abject fools chosen and approved by staunch Republicans and Democrats; more at Democrat and Republican.
1. a manner of inflicting doubt upon a matter for sport; e.g., “Are you sure?”
2. when being questioned, an excellent way to patronize the fuck out of the interrogator.
1. a Frenchman who doesn’t smell of overripe cheese.
2. a Briton with attractive teeth.
3. a graceful American.
1. military term, meaning to enlist.
2. to marry, especially to remarry; to move in with, or commit to.
an alcoholic or nymphomaniac Norwegian.
the failure to detach; discomfort.
1. abrv, system, or system’s, administrator; sometimes written as two words: sys admin.
2. a programmer whose creativity in the use of configuration file field delimiters knows no bounds, assuming the bounds comprise only the range of colon, pipe, and comma.
3. a hacker without the courage to risk it.
more at hacker.
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