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Threat Level
a marketing system to make terror more accessible to a wider demographic as well as allow coordination of outfits based on the day’s color.
1. to discuss plainly; to describe all possible outcomes of a situation.
2. legal term, to make an offer of remedy.
1. a cute nickname for the Chinese province of Xizang.
2. a place of scenic beauty, said to be conducive to spiritual purification and enlightenment.
3. assuming you can find yourself a space at the bottom of a cargo ship and are currently teetering on the edge of getting back together with an intolerable ex- and suicide, worth a try.
adj, without a home; synonym, homeless.
1. a short urinary excretion.
2. a haiku; senryu.
tipping point
a brilliant and entirely revolutionary concept from what is the most interesting book in years—as we understand it from just everyone we know—rivaled perhaps only by our childhood favorite, The Tippling Point.
1. a dangerous deficiency of caffeine in one’s bloodstream.
2. radio; television; the Internet; see also email.
3. movies based on previous films, novels based on previous books, and especially works of non-fiction directly taken from the dust bins and WC magazine racks of history.
4. self-referential comedy.
5. self-deprecation.
a place where motorists are commonly robbed.
the day one follows through with the resolutions made yesterday.
see yesterday.
1. medical usage, skin deep.
2. journalistic usage, somewhat more shallow.
an art form ingeniously practiced on human media with whatever untraceable implements are available; e.g., a Holiday Inn sewing kit.
a cat’s way of saying that there isn’t enough affection to spare in a given household.
to exchange differing commodities of equal value—as Quantum Physics teaches us, there are no equal values, even at the atomic level, we must conclude that to trade is to cheat.
the mark of the Beast®.
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