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1. the quality of being unable to build a fire.
2. the quality of being unable to plant a crop.
3. the quality of being unable to hunt or raise feed animals.
4. the quality of being unable to survive without a constant stream of support and materials from red states, for which Alec Baldwin, Madonna, Jackson Pollack, Windows 2000, and federal legislation regarding the price of milk are offered in trade.
a lexicon based on a social theory that the walls of public restroom stalls should take a central role in the evolution of American English.
compare with HyperDictionary.
the Parent-Teachers Association.
US Constitution
a document which has been sidestepped for so long, with such graceful ease as to bring Asia’s finest Aikido and Tai Chi practitioners to studying under American politicians.
1. a place of incarceration where the promise of quick parole is overshadowed by the constant threat of the death penalty during the first half of the term.
2. the softest most luxurious prison; while there are many escapes on record, few men living ever get entirely away.
use; dialect of advertisers, journalists and assorted professionals who are naturally less endowed than than their right speaking peers; “utilize” is spoken aloud as a sort of oratorical Viagra.
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