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1. 43rd president of the United States.
2. the cube root of the nine most ill-considered space saving syllables ever to enter the vernacular.
hacker spelling for wec, a slang combination of wack and weak; as in, “Those standards recommendations are w3c, man.”
1. a pop-culture expression meaning to smoke marijuana immediately after rising in the morning.
2. a fairly good time.
an historical weather pattern that has kept the populations of every nation in professional and conversational fodder for 10,000 years and counting.
a blog [sic] which is written by someone who is morally opposed to killing and thus supports war to keep people safe.
see also cognitive dissonance.
Washington, DC
a gigantic monochromatic terrarium of the underclass cared for by sloppy drunks and members of the House and Executive branch as well.
1. hydrated fluoride.
2. bottled fruit punch with salt.
3. urine; typical usage, to make water; sometimes a second step is added, to make water to wine.
weapon of mass destruction
1. abrv WMD, a substance or apparatus, especially poisons and biological weapons, which can be used to injure or kill great numbers of people; WsMD include exotic and difficult to create weapons like aerosol anthrax and VX gas, as well as many easily made weapons like ricin, one of the deadliest poisons known, which can be made by any 6-year-old from a few seeds of the widely available and easily grown castor bean.
2. boo!
weather girl
a woman who waited till the last minute to enroll in her journalism courses and was left with Meteorology 227: Streaking and Highlighting.
see also weather man.
weather man
1. a congenital liar.
2. a grinning dip-stick in the oil pan of local news.
3. a compulsive gambler whose only hope of ever winning a wager is to visit Las Vegas in mid-August.
see also weather girl.
web developer
one who takes pornographic photographs of one’s girlfriends when they are drunk or sleeping and develops them to be posted online.
1. what dungeon masters whose friends have outgrown the third ruleset and moved on have taken to calling themselves.
2. friendless; dateless; hopeless.
an undesirable plant of no value...say, that’s odd, it’s actually quite expensive around here.
the single benefit realized through the manifold interpretations of the Bible.
weight lifter
a 98lb weakling encased in creatine, ephedra, and the stink of inadequacy.
see also body builder.
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