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derogatory term for Mexican immigrants, referring to the midnight swim that once brought many across the Rio Grande into the US; the term is offensive and baseless however, as all are able to towel-off before they take an American’s job away.
once a proper interrogative, now used almost exclusively to express irritability, exasperation, or disgust.
1. the definitive word for 21st century American culture, “Generation W.”
2. an internal sigh of submission; the appropriate attitude for maintaining one’s place of employment.
3. a passive-aggressive utterance which lashes out at an opposing point of view while attempting to eliminate the possibility of further discussion.
1. that which one is discouraged from re-inventing by tenet of the popular Stone Age revivalist movement.
2. that which one is actively, abusively discouraged from re-inventing by those whose wheels might not favorably compare.
whisker biscuit
an after dinner treat and dental floss rolled into one.
see also beaver.
1. the amniotic fluid endemic to the Irish.
2. ambrosia.
3. the most faithful of wives.
whistle blower
a Tokyo prostitute.
1. ashamed.
2. imitative, lacking identity, monkey-like.
3. colorless, uninteresting, dull, without flavor.
white elephant
your own magazine.
white man
1. the Devil.
2. an off-brand, generic human being.
compare with black person.
white man’s burden
his brethren.
white trash
1. an Anglo-Saxon porch nigger.
2. absolutely anyone with a plastic American flag on display.
1. the Man.
2. a scapegoat preferred by 4 out of 5 underclasses.
an expression, usually as interjection, indicating a strong desire to stop; e.g., “Whoah, majenta!”
a woman who barters sexual favor for material gain, as cash, jewelry, a house, a two car garage, etc; a bride.
compare with slut.
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