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a pay-as-you-go replacement for one’s mother.
more at bride.
1. a tank-top shirt, usually white, referred to glibly as its stereotypical bearer.
2. an undeniable practicality in freedom of movement.
a despicable online tome responsible for pushing this most excellent site’s search rank down by one for every term described herein.
1. v, to suppress.
2. n, a dream.
see also pointless.
an early and resurging form of rural arts and crafts which concerned things like luck in love, productive crops, health and healing, and the boiling of babies to gain the power of flight.
acronym, woman owned business; adv and adj, wobly.
1. research indicates it is impossible for an almost exclusively white male staff to define this word in its most commonly used form, therefore we provide nothing as the first definition.
2. it’s been, really, very clearly implied that we shan’t either provide a second or third definition for reasons a bit more difficult to explain.
3. read two more carefully.
4. a female; possessing the power to carry and bring life; the very essence of life.
5. one that inspires fascination and adoration in a man (and about 6 out of 10 women); the very essence of beauty; a focus of worship, especially in art.
6. oh, Jesus fucking Christ.
Paradise lost and only too infrequently regained.
a compact weapon of many varieties, each comprising sharp edges and barbs, with an entirely inadequate grip.
a powerful allergen.
the act of planning something more than once.
1. to politicize.
2. to actively attempt to fix or improve.
3. to advertise.
see also diversify.
from the Middle English whoreship; to adore and support something inappropriate or immoral.
what Hell hath plenty of, thank you.
n, something written; now that this beast has been slain, a question perhaps best addressed by the Bard remains: the Lawyer question.
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