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a Philistine de plume.
the result when a fool describes intelligence, a fiend describes grace, or a sodomist describes romance.
1. in Western philosophy, precisely one half of right.
2. in Eastern philosophy, what all rights must be repaid with to ensure universal harmony.
1. the primary sponsor of international Anarchist rallies.
2. a manufacturer of gas masks which resorts to the most bizarre marketing campaigns imaginable to pump up sales.
1. World War I (one); the Great War.
2. a cautionary tale titled, I Don’t Even Know What an Archduke Is —or— What Can Come of Shooting a Single Kraut.
see also WW II and war.
3. The War to End All Wars: Episode I.
1. World War II; The Big One; humanity being a bit peckish yet inquired, “Perhaps some dessert is available, say, Korea, Central Africa, Indochina, Afghanistan, Eastern Europe, oh, let’s just go with the sampler.”
2. The War to End All Wars; the human race, being overly sentimental, has dragged the goodbye out a bit.
see also WW I and war.
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