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1. a useless letter of Greek origin duplicated and easily replaced by other letters.
2. a thing lacking in identity, or quantity.
3. David Duchovny.
1. a physician’s equivalent to a mechanic checking under the hood and saying, “See, now there’s your problem,” while mentally calculating the extra charges made possible by sloppy development work in the radiology lab.
2. a technique dentists have developed to continue to make sports-car money even though more and more of their patients have perfect teeth.
one with a mortal fear of being anally penetrated by an extra-terrestrial.
a tremendous cat of fable whose great fame comes from a cautionary tale about being foolish enough to share your catch.
abrv, eXtensible Markup Language; a multifaceted tool widely claimed to simplify data exchanges, facilitate any application project, save countless hours of lost productivity, kill werewolves, and cure herpes.
a red herring; a get out of the dog-house free card to be played at work; a way for a DBA or data architect to pass the blame for his bungled data relationships onto the designers and web developers.
1. a meaningless word created to balance the weight of alphabetized file cabinets and books, especially dictionaries.
2. filler; gibberish.