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The letter “Y” was introduced to our alphabet by two early English speaking existentialists and a linguist. The linguist suggested that it might be useful to have a letter which apart from making the sound of a previously unheard of consonant, would also serve to sound like either of two established vowels. One existentialist said, “Why?” The other one said, “Why not?”
1. a dysfunctional online service which is in part meant to help find people not wanting to be found.
2. a sarcastic utterance of mock excitement.
3. in the South, the sound of a person who is armed, emotionally unstable, and extremely intoxicated.
1. one hailing from the upper-over-over-upper-over 48 states.
2. the opposite of a rebel.
see also gnat-fucker.
1. the minimum period of time required to truly let oneself down.
2. the expiration date on the slightly edited resolutions of the previous year which were by turn edited upon the anteceder’s expiration and so on.
n, the need for a new pancreas.
usually, the opposite of “no,” though these two words mixed with enough hormones and ethyl-alcohol revert to their basic semantical companion: “okay.”
more at no.
the day one reasonably resolves to change destructive patterns of behavior.
more at tomorrow.
1. incentive stock options.
2. the welfare of the children.
3. your sponsor’s pager number.