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a drunken capital N.
a country founded for the sole purpose of winning bar bets.
1. foolish; embarrassingly enthusiastic; idiotic.
2. polite language for over-zealous.
the generation following X.
a covert government backed attempt at population control by involuntary self-castration.
12 axioms supporting a grand theory that mankind gets what mankind deserves.
a mall or other multiplex shopping facility, where most of the animals on display are miserable and insane, yet wouldn’t last a day without the assistance of their retail captors.
the affection one feels for a president’s daughter.
not the root but the seed of all Evil.
Zyklon B
an early attempt by the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture a drug specifically targeted for one segment of the world’s population—it was withdrawn from the market after questions about its safety were aroused by the deaths of some 6 million users.
the final sound of “The New York Times.”