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[we invite the reader to consult other tomes in this case as it should be obvious by now this lexicographer has no sense of the term.]
the period in a woman’s life marked by the absence of same.
an abundant commodity in most larders—the buyer is most strongly advised to check the expiry date prior to consumption.
a member of the highest legislative body, the Senate; famous Senators include Bill Frist, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Incitatus.
1. abrv, an Italian term used in Singapore, short for sui pregiate genitali.
2. a transnational satirical definition intelligible to exactly 0.00000000137% of the Earth’s human population and amusing to less than half of those.
a detritus sloughing obstacle to views of the forested horizons.
1. cordial language for desperation; e.g., “He hopes to have his dictionary published any day now.”
2. a thing with “wings” as told by the Bard or with “feathers” as related by the Shut-in; either serves, serving either the diner or the haberdasher.
1. one underdeveloped mentally and physically, from French and the Latin for Christian.
2. no, seriously.
the reward following upon a race well run—win, place, or show.
synonym, reconstruction; antonym, antebellum.