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Though this site pokes fun at the foibles of privacy in the modern age, we take it seriously for our users. We do not currently use cookies, nor do we attempt to identify or track individual users. Our weblogs are private and only used for visitor counts, section traffic, and determining which definitions just aren't funny. Visitor information, though anonymous in most cases anyway, is not shared and is only gathered for traffic metrics.
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The definition mailer does track usage. The information provided, however, will never be shared and will never be used for marketing or mass mailings (spam). It is not used for anything other than internal metrics. If this ever changes, we would go to an opt-in policy (you have to ask to be put on a list). We see opt-out policies (you have to ask not to be put on a list) as Evil, but in a bad way.
Crackers, hackers, and plagiarists
The exception to our privacy policy is for crackers, hackers, and plagiarists. Misuse of this site (including scraping) invalidates all privacy--and civility--privileges.