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The user’s guide to bedeviléd words

Newest definitions page
The list of words most recently added to the dictionary provided for those who have already read through it and don't really need to do so again for the fresh bits. The list of new terms varies in length depending upon the freshness of updates and mood swings of the developer.
Daily definitions page
The landing page for the dictionary. A list of a few terms selected at random from the hopper and updated at least once per day. The dailies are sometimes themed to correspond to commemorations, disasters, elections, obituaries, and other occasions for celebration.
Cups, shirts, and even a "vagina" thong. Be the first on your block to really, truly offend.
Link to the DDX
If you quote (please see copyright information below) or link the DDX, let us know. We will return the favor if possible. You are welcome to copy the following icons to your own server to use with links.
Content ratings
This site contains mature content. It is not meant for children; or jackasses.
Mailing definitions
Each single word page has a link to mail the term. It can be sent in plain text or HTML to one or more addresses you enter. Mail use is tracked but we never store email addresses and we will never sell user data or send unsolicited mail; see also, privacy policy.
General navigation & links
The alphabet menu appears on all pages and will take you to Words that start with… The Moon icon takes you to the homepage of Sedition·com (not directly related to the DDX) and the Sun takes you to the Daily definitions page.
Terms that appear within the dictionary are linked wherever they occur within other definitions. Unvisited links are reddish. Visited links are darker. This is meant as a courtesy so you don't tend to revisit terms you've already read.
Clicking upon a term shows it by itself and provides the option of emailing the term. The single term displays are meant to allow you to print those terms you particularly like. Please respect fair use and don’t print more than your favorite handful.
The daily definitions are currently syndicated under an RSS/XML feed. We plan to expand syndication options eventually for those wishing to use DDX content on their own sites.
Random term
This lexicographer hopes it is unnecessary to explain this feature. We plan to provide an XML feed of random terms which will be filterable by topic, length, and maturity level.
Definitions are searchable and the search form appears beneath the alphabetical navigation. Only simple text searches on full terms are allowed. Eg, congre will not find Congress. Searches are case insensitive.
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The Objectivism Reference Center.
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Trademark™ and ©opyright
The content of the Devil's Dictionary X™ is copyrighted, all rights reserved to the authors, and the name is trademark of the editor. Permission is given to quote from 1 to 5 definitions elsewhere online as long as you provide a link back to this site. For print quotes, please provide the name of the dictionary and the following url -- http://sedition.com/ddx/ -- along with any quoted definitions.
The Devil's Dictionary X™ is put together for the most part with free technologies; Apache, FreeBSD, MySQL, Perl, and the Template Toolkit; some of the background tools run on modperl. We highly recommend all.
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The Lexicographer and the developer/designer.