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1. the land of uptight flakiness in casual-wear and a great pair of sunglasses.
2. the home of flakey uptightness in outrageously priced clothes and a casual pair of sunglasses.
3. an area of proud sports fanatics who seem not to understand the games they watch compulsively, as they will break out into riots whether their team wins or loses any major competition.
4. a bulky population of large-sized fanatical babies with just enough team-work to turn a car over, or break into a pawn shop without damaging stolen goods on the way out.
5. the nearly very liberal State which almost represents close to the farthest left of thinking in this kind of democratic country.
6. a factory which consumes tremendous amounts of electricity, natural resources, and foreign labor to produce oranges nearly as delicious as those from Florida, silicon wafers almost as good as those made in Japan, and some of the finest art Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider have to offer.
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