NB: These pages were mostly written in 2001 or so. The résumé dates are accurate but the code is aged and unlike whiskey, 8 year-old code doesn't usually taste better. For a look at my current skills and to see my CPAN modules, sample code, and code discussions, please see these pages instead: Perl resources and sample code and PangyreSoft.
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Ashley Pond V

ashley@cpan.org · Seattle, WA


10 years General Perl
Code index Object oriented, Catalyst (4 years), DBIx::Class, Template::Toolkit (TT2), Mason, WWW::Mechanize, Class::DBI, modules, web agents, Ajax, jQuery, IPC with sockets, XML parsing, polls and voting systems, threaded post bulletin boards, QA testing, chat servers, command line tools, administrative and logging, auditing and QA, reporting, record parsing and format translation, et cetera. My CPAN directory.
15 years Editorial and writing

»Published works include music review, art review, game review, short story, advertising copy, and essay; Taos Magazine, Taos News: Tempo, Amazon.com, Kuk-Je Chronicle, and majenta.

»Technical writing including the internal documentation for more than 100 Amazon.com customer service tools. Online technical writing includes Developing Featherweight Web Services with JavaScript.

26 years Wide software proficiency
Dozens of applications on major platforms. Microsoft Office, Fireworks, Photoshop, Quark Xpress, PageMaker, Illustrator, Flash, Word, Excel, Fontographer, Digital Performer, Final Cut Pro, various Unix/Linux applications and tools. Ability to pick up new software or protocol almost immediately (demonstrated here).
10 years CGI, CGI.pm, and mod_perl
CGI discussion More than 1,000 CGIs done. Some have been running in production systems for 8+ years. Calculators, calendars, news readers, feedback forms, viewers, search forms, chat forms, personnel forms, log in forms, database editors, text editors, administrative controls, visitor forms, et cetera.
11 years General web
Basic Apache and Apache2 webmaster skills, SOAP, REST, CSS, SSI, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, RSS, XML, JavaScript (prototypes, OO, and featherweight webservices in JS).
20 years Typesetting, desktop publishing, design, web development

»Everything from phone book ads and published textbooks to complete websites and online ads with tens of millions of impressions.

»Visual arts skills include drafting, sketching, acrylics, and watercolor.

1988–now Miscellaneous
PC, Mac OSes, FreeBSD, general Linux/Unix, BASIC, MySQL, rudimentary C++.

Freelance Software Contracting

2008-present Senior Sofware Developer—McKesson, Corp, Seattle WA

»Maintaining and extending legacy medical information applications like mypacs.net.

»Working with DICOM medical images and medical case data.

»Integrating Flash + ActionScript with JavaScript for browser-based medical image viewer.

2007-2008 Senior Software Consultant—Prosper, Inc, Provo UT

»Catalyst and DBIx::Class web applications. Maintaining and extending legacy applications. Payment processing via XML webservices.

2007 Software Consultant—Demoxi, Inc, Bellevue WA

»Social networking and personal data wallet application.

»Ajax + Perl with POE and jQuery.

2004-2005 Senior Software Consultant—The Cobalt Group, Seattle WA

»Software development for automated testing, bug and trouble ticket fixes in Perl, JavaScript, and CSS.

»JavaScript parsing for XML driven website tests.

»Integration of text data sources with Oracle driven reports, object oriented modules, extensive developer documentation.

2004 Software Developer—Troy Research

»Object oriented polling modules, reports, and pie graph generator.

»General work with Mason, Postgres, debugging legacy code, and data maintenance.

2002-2009 Software Developer, Web Developer
Various short duration jobs and personal projects. Including but not limited to all work on Pangyre Quotes and programming for Cornerstone Equipment Finance.

Amazon.com, Seattle WA

1998-2003 Amazon.com highlights

»Wrote dozens of CGIs ranging from LDAP based personnel forms to parsing and presentation of metrics and graphs.

»Received the only company award given: the “Just Do It” award in 1999; nominated 3 times.

»Was the recorded telephone voice of Customer Service (favorably mentioned in the The Wall Street Journal).

2002-2003 Web Designer/Developer, IMDb.com (Amazon.com)

»Executed approximately 1,000 production images for IMDb and Amazon.com’s websites. Samples; hundreds of millions of impressions.

»Annual advertising revenue doubled, from $3 to $6 million, in my tenure at the same time overall online ad revenue was dropping.

»Introduced new ad formats and scripting techniques to IMDb.

»Designed template for mass emails to millions of Amazon.com customers.

2001-2002 Human Resources Web Project Manager, Developer

»Created online forms for Human Resources (time off form, employee reviews, et cetera).

»Wrote tools for processing résumé submissions.

»Oversaw full revamp of Amazon.com’s online job site.

2000-2001 Customer Service Quality Assurance Architect, Analyst

»Designed and built in-house system which saved company $250,000 previously budgeted to buy comparable software and support. Personally installed system in 4 countries (US, UK, DE, NL).

»Responsible for content and daily builds of 2,500 web pages; assisted in maintenance of more than 20,000 pages.

»Initiated first internal audit of gift certificates.

»Wrote department reports on quality trends.

1998-2000 Customer Service Senior Lead

»Maintained technical documents of 200 Unix shell-based tools.

»Trained and assisted several hundred CS reps.

»Retained hundreds of endangered accounts including one, against company policy, worth over $100,000.

»Provided support and technical help for other departments off the clock and volunteered to work all overtime and holidays.

»Was focal resource on all points for an entire shift and became the most accessible technical resource for entire department (900 employees).

»Garnered 350 pieces of positive personal feedback from customers and other employees.

International English instructor

1996-1997 Kuk Je Foreign Language Institute, I’chon ROK

»Teaching English students ages 6-60 at all levels of fluency.

»Given annual invitation-only position twice to teach all local grade school teachers (200 of them) English and English teaching techniques.

»Wrote two annual English school plays for young students.

»Was commissioned to organize all my lessons plans into a format to serve as school curricula (for 14 teachers and over 350 students).

»Planned and taught up to 52 classes a week.

»Additionally: taught private English lessons in Milan, Italy in 1996 and California in 1992.

Publisher, self-employed

1992-2009 An Elektrum Press, Albuquerque NM, Seattle WA

»Micro-publisher of an elektrum press online, “majenta” and the “Devil’s Dictionary X™.”

»Produced 30+ short run publications, each of which were placed in local bookstores and coffee shops and sold out quickly.

»Sponsored public readings.

»Solicited and worked with over 40 authors (including John Nichols) and artists.

»Did typesetting, layout, editorial content, and production of all publications.


1992 BA Creative Writing, University New Mexico

»Minor in Art History.

»Received Lena M Todd Award for Excellence in Fiction for thesis “Karma Come Lately.”

»Variety of additional coursework from Business Management and Icelandic Literature to Astrophysics and Architecture.

2001 Perl certificate training, University of WA
Website “Perl, the Web and Databases” course, final term of certificate.
2000 Perl training, Consultix
Website “Intermediate Perl Programming” course.


Travel & Language

»Spent 2 years total as an expatriate. Worked in 5 countries.

»Visited or resided in 13 countries on 3 continents: Korea, Italy, Thailand, Germany, Singapore, England, Netherlands, France, Austria, Spain, Macau, China (Hong Kong), Switzerland, and Mexico.

»Minor language skills in Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Korean, in descending order of ability.

Martial Arts

»Black belt, Tae Kwon Do. Some experience with other styles and techniques from Aikido to Arnis.

Volunteer, Creek Steward
Seattle creeks

»Clean creek side of trash and invasive species like ivy and knot-weed. Monitor creek health through fish and bird counts. Gather sample invertebrates for water quality study. Plant native species like ferns, salmon berry, and Indian plum. Thornton and Willow creeks.

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