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prohibitive! · (eric’s weblog) — while we at Sedition·com are conhibitive, we must concede there are some good arguments against it.

You Listen to Me, Mr. Kick-Ass · from one of 3 living individuals who ever corrected us and happened to be right.

Busking the Cost · a Brit fogey takes on Truth, Friendship and his Muse.

The Blue Hammer · from the worst waiter in Seattle, aka Mr A-Mixed-Race-Baby-Proves-I’m-Not-A-Gay-Racist-Doesn’t-It-Well-Doesn’t-It.

The Devil’s Dictionary (Version 2.0) · the most excellent revival managed by Greg Knauss and aimed at online work and life. Most recent definition.


The Rejection of Pascal’s Wager · Paul Tobin’s essays about all things Biblical, Christian, and generally symmetrical. You usually have to pay for scholarship of any quality. Stop wasting your life and read all of this site.

seablogs · a Seattle weblog portal.

The Electric Eclectic · Jim Eccleston’s lovely, lengthy lists of links. The next time you are thinking about getting a gym membership b/c you’re bored with the web, go here instead. All thoughts of physical self-improvement will evaporate.

Objectivism Reference Center · legitimate objectivists thrive on debate and criticism, and enjoy good satire.

Banterist · A joint effort edited by Brian Sack with random visits by John Murnane. Any writer who is man enough to admit he went to the dictionary for “kith” is man enough to write for us.

Bureau Crash · not all Libertarians are psychopaths; most yes, all no.

Fourth cousins twice removed · a nice, community driven aggregator; worth visiting and joining to post content.

Steel White Table · A one (or two) man content meta filter.

Tony Bowden · Understanding Nothing.

Running from the Thought Police · Thoughts and ruminations of a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign student.

the highrise · Head in the clouds.

Chaotic Cognizance · R.B. Boyer’s playground.

Father Dan · Some say he’s the court jester of the Illuminati. Others claim he’s only the “father” of their illegitimate welfare babies. Either way he is Father Dan.

Petty Vices

Víólu Mafían

The Gideonse Bible · sacrilege at its best.

Joe Grossberg · My bullshit, your brain.

Bad Poet · mostly SuperCard, other goodies and links.

Andy Lester’s Petdance · Perl goodness and his Livejournal page too.

Victims of this pyramid scheme

JWZ, Jamie Zawinski · I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record.


Be like me! · Learn HTML.

Be like me, take 2! · Write clearly and directly.

CSS Layout Techniques · An excellent site with superior tutorials and samples.

Be a semioticographer

Honor roll

Examine your navel · Alex Nonnemacher’s LiveJournal; looking within is hazardous to your self.

Gelatinous Cube, Aaron

unraveled · Joshua Kaufman’s excellent site which includes discussions on web usability and design.

Aquarionics · Nice clean site, lots to see. Aquarion is a coder/designer/writer living somewhere in England.

silent cheer · prose from Cape Town, South Africa.

Lucifer’s Lexicon · another take on the master Bierce. Oh, dear… we did believe we were making some kind of fresh tracks with our own effort.