NB: These pages were mostly written in 2001 or so. The résumé dates are accurate but the code is aged and unlike whiskey, 8 year-old code doesn't usually taste better. For a look at my current skills and to see my CPAN modules, sample code, and code discussions, please see these pages instead: Perl resources and sample code and PangyreSoft.
Finite automata in Perl
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This is about as basic as you can get.

One more; watch a functional script act object oriented
Give me some input.
jinx[14]>automata-grammar asdsdfaposidfuasdkn
Final state for "asdsdfaposidfuasdkn" is m14.
       There's no way that's a word.
jinx[15]>automata-grammar bookkeeper
Final state for "bookkeeper" is m7.
       Looks like a word.
jinx[16]>automata-grammar fiddle-dee-dee
Final state for "fiddle-dee-dee" is m11.
       Looks like a word.


There shall be no discussion! Play around with them if you’re inclined. Perl’s strengths as a text engine make it naturally good for this kind of thing.

Thanks to Terrence Brannon for discovering a buglet in the code whereby a tape of “0” would fail though it shouldn’t—fixed now with a defined() check.

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