NB: These pages were mostly written in 2001 or so. The résumé dates are accurate but the code is aged and unlike whiskey, 8 year-old code doesn't usually taste better. For a look at my current skills and to see my CPAN modules, sample code, and code discussions, please see these pages instead: Perl resources and sample code and PangyreSoft.
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Some various applications of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Teach yourself more here.

Cascading outline bullets

Here is a simple technique for cascading CSS outline bullets.

Kwiki CSS

This is a nice example of how CSS can radically alter the appearance of a site. Here is the before and after Kwiki CSS to see how it looks. If you run your own Kwiki, please feel free to take it and try it: kwiki-ashley-one.css. If you don’t use Kwiki, I really encourage you to try it. Either for a community or just your own projects, it’s a simple wiki that is surprisingly easy to install and use.

Buttonize CSS

Here’s a sample of what can be done. It’s a nice way to get rollover behavior without the graphics. Dramatically easier to update and you don’t need JavaScript active for it to work.

Résumé · XML · Typography · Jobs · Books

It is easy to manipulate the colors, border-style, and whatever else you want.

The CSS and HTML that does it
<style type="text/css">
a.buttonize {
 font-family:'trebuchet ms', sans-serif;
 padding:0px 1px 0px 2px;
 border:1px outset #369;
a:hover.buttonize, a:active.buttonize {
 border:1px inset #69a;
<div style="text-align:center">
 <a class="buttonize" href="./">Résumé</a> &#183; 
 <a class="buttonize" href="rss-feed.html">XML</a> &#183; 
 <a class="buttonize" href="typo.html">Typography</a> &#183;
 <a class="buttonize" href="perl-jobs.html">Jobs</a> &#183;
 <a class="buttonize" href="bib.html">Books</a> 
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