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Moving DB_Files between disparate systems
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This script converts binary DB_File data into plain text for sending accross networks and reconstituting on other systems with the same script. There is usage information and some discussion in the script comments.

In my case, I build parts of my site and its search index from mysql on OS X at home. The search index uses DB_File. I didn’t have mysql on my host originally and didn’t want the headache of syncing the DBs anyway (myisam to innodb, 3.whatever to 4.bleeding). So, the only data-system that needs to go over is the search index. Moving the DB generated with DB_File breaks it since the target system has little other than “nix” in common with my box. This script fixes it for transfer and puts it back the way it needs to be once it gets where it belongs.

Serialize binary…
G4:jinx[77]>db-file-converter search_index.db
converting DB_File ddx_search.dbfile to YAML ddx_search.yml
G4:jinx[78]>scp ddx_search.yml so_n_so@sedition.com:/some/dir
ddx_search.yml    100% |**********************************| 158 KB 00:00
Reconsitution, on other box where script is also installed
G4:jinx[79]>ssh so_n_so@sedition.com \
   /bin/db-file-converter /some/dir/ddx_search.yml
converting YAML ddx_search.yml to DB_File ddx_search.dbfile


Check out YAML, DB_File, Storable, and Data::Dumper. All fantastic modules covering all the different data situations you’ll commonly get into.

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