NB: These pages were mostly written in 2001 or so. The résumé dates are accurate but the code is aged and unlike whiskey, 8 year-old code doesn't usually taste better. For a look at my current skills and to see my CPAN modules, sample code, and code discussions, please see these pages instead: Perl resources and sample code and PangyreSoft.
Converting Excel to delimited text
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This is something I put together because I was asked about it and it only makes sense to have it here. Sorry there isn’t more information included. Please see this page for more about the reverse process and available modules to help both.

Below is a simple script/subroutine that can take an Excel file as an argument and print its contents in delimited plain text to standard output.



Buglet fix for undefined MaxCol and MaxRow suggested by Dr Timur Shtatland.

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