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Class::Prototype, for fast OOP development
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This module makes setting up an object oriented package (your own module) simple and fast. I use it for when I’m writing test code, code I’m not sure I’ll keep, or just trying to get something done in a hurry.

I wrote Class::Prototype before I was acquainted with some of the Class namespace. I’m actually glad because I might not have written it if I’d seen some of the similar modules like Class::Base from Andy Wardley, and Class::Accessor from Michael G Schwern. Class::Prototype is for generally different purposes, is more simple to just drop in and use, and I like it better for those cases.

I have not released it to CPAN because I’m not sure I will have time to ever maintain it and it could be deeper (more auto-methods available per data type) and it could stand a code review.

Here is the POD for the module. You can view the source of Class::Prototype too.

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